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Most of the public use the NOISE method. Do YOU?

Financial media fuels this EMOTIONAL method of roller-coaster INVESTING.

After 35 years providing personalized financial advice and wealth management, now as Founder of

SCOTTSDALE WEALTH PLANNING, I know from highly technical research, real portfolio outcomes and client experience, investment noise is not a strategy.

Given massive investing noise, investors make poor decisions based on noise - not strategy, facts, professional advice. Why? Noise drives emotions.

And investment decisions based on emotion run the risk of having little positive outcome.

What happens with a hot stock tip? Like most investors, you don’t buy the stock right away. You’ve experienced losing money on an investment—didn’t like that experience. You’re now suddenly cautious and follow it for a while. It starts trending upward.



What’s your emotion now? Confidence. You hope that this is the one investment that skyrockets. Let’s say it continues the upward trend. You feel a new emotion as you consider it’s the one. What’s that new emotion? Greed. You decide. Buy the stock.

What’s next? After buying it, the stock goes down, and you feel a combination of emotions—fear and regret. You made a mistake. You promise yourself that if the stock goes up to where you bought it … Never again! You don’t want to tell anyone. Now, the stock continues to go down. Again, a new emotion. Sheer panic. You sell the stock. And next? All too often, new information, and the stock races to an all-time high.

The SCOTTSDALE WEALTH PLANNING MANTRA. We’re all poorly wired for investing. Emotions are natural powerful forces that cause you to do the opposite of planned strategy. Emotions lead you to buy high and sell low. Doing it over a long period of time, you’ll cause serious portfolio damage, but importantly, also to your long-term finances.

There are trusted methods led by expert financial leaders. With this invaluable information, we build a customized investment plan that seeks to achieve consistent investment success. These methods are the same ones used by some of the largest institutional money management firms to serve their clients – Fortune 500 companies and endowments with billions of dollars to invest.

SCOTTSDALE WEALTH PLANNING is built on the highest standards of trust.

Everything I have built for my clients is because I am a veteran financial expert - a former CPA, as well as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and fiduciary wealth advisor. I believe individual investors like you, your family, and your company should have access to the same institutional-class investment approaches that companies and endowments research for years.

There are two institutional-class approaches. First is the strategic method of investment decisions. Strategic investors use a process based on research to build portfolios that seeks to provide the best returns for a given level of investment risk.

Strategic investors rebalance those portfolios on a disciplined quarter-by-quarter basis to constantly maintain the optimal combination of return and risk.

The second institutional-class approach is the tactical method. Tactical investors also base their portfolio decisions on research. Instead of regularly rebalancing each quarter, tactical investors add value by emphasizing certain asset classes or market sectors that research indicates undervalued and offer an above-average potential for strong returns.

Tactical investors then de-emphasize those asset classes or sectors once they become fairly valued by the marketplace. Tactical investors are therefore more opportunistic than strategic investors.

The strategic and tactical approaches are where most of the financial academic community reside, as do the top institutional investors. Investors who use strategic and tactical investment methods dispassionately research what works and then follow a rational course of action based on empirical evidence. This allows them to ignore the investment noise.

The SCOTTSDALE WEALTH PLANNING team under my direction, helps our clients to make wise decisions using these prudent researched investment strategies: 1) strategic investing, 2) tactical investing or 3) a combination of the two approaches. These strategies will help you maximize the probability of achieving your financial goals. My long-term goals are based on the goals and dreams of my clients. I proudly live, work and raise my family here.

Scottsdale Wealth Planning Inc. (“Scottsdale Wealth Planning”) is a registered investment adviser. Information contained in this article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered investment advice. Advice may only be provided after entering into an advisory agreement with Scottsdale Wealth Planning. Information is at a period in time and subject to change. Scottsdale Wealth Planning’s current Disclosure Brochure is set forth on Form ADV Part 2 and is available for your review upon request.


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